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Here’s what our participants have to say about us….

BODYPUMP™ Feedback

“I am a 61-year old cyclist and walker, but my upper body always needs help. Plus, I’m self-conscious about upper arm flab. Nancy’s Body Pump classes have been just the thing. She’s an inspiration, as well as someone who can look across a sea of bodies and help correct a person’s individual form. At the same time her classes feel (almost) effortless because of her personality. Nancy is a happy person and it shows in her work. Her classes are inclusive and fun; they work real results. I look forward to going.”
– Alexandra L., Cambridge, MA

“When I started body pump I had pain in my knees and shoulders.  Now that I do Body pump, I am so much stronger that my joints don’t hurt.  I never liked working out, but  Nancy and Body Pump make it almost enjoyable.”
– Joy H., Cambridge, MA

BODYJAM™ Feedback

“After 20+ years of relative inactivity, Nancy’s BodyJam got me moving again. I tried the class on a friend’s recommendation, and it was SO much fun. It’s easy to follow and after a few classes, you feel like a pro. Nancy has a way of bringing out your inner Fly Girl, even when you feel you’re starting with two left feet. Try it: you won’t just like it, you’ll fall in love.”
– Michelle Colasante, Bedford MA

“Bodyjam is hands-down the BEST dance/fitness class I’ve ever taken and Nancy is the most inspiring instructor I’ve ever met!!! The moves and the music are FANTASTIC. When I’m dancing I feel like I’m 20 again and time seems to fly… when it’s over I feel I could go on for another hour! I am such a huge fan of Bodyjam that even my husband makes sure I don’t miss a class… in his own words: “You’re a little grumpy today, isn’t there a Bodyjam class you can take?” THAT pretty much describes what Bodyjam means to me!!!”
– Jimena C., Bedford MA

“My life is very busy, without much “me” time.  So when I do make the time to exercise, I need it to be fun!  BodyJam fits the bill perfectly!  In fact, while I’m grooving to the music and concentrating on imitating Nancy’s movements, I’m having so much fun that the hour is done before you know it!  I would NEVER work so hard doing x number of reps of some exercise.  Since the same routine is repeated several weeks in a row, I also get the satisfaction of getting better at it so that, after 3 or 4 sessions, I actually start to imagine I look as good as Nancy does!  Fun, accomplishment, exercise – what could be better?”
– Janet B., Bedford MA

“I have been exercising for 20+ years.   I decided to try Jam about a year ago.  Feeling that I am not the most coordinated person in the world, I thought 1 time would MORE than enough.  I was pleasantly surprised!  When I left the class I was energized and shocked that I was able to do the class.  I got a great work out and had a so much fun doing it.   The music is current and Nancy is such a blast, you feel you are enjoying time out with a group of friends instead of working out.  But do not be fooled, you are getting a great work out and can feel and see the results of the class.  The only down fall to Jam is that you can become addicted to it once you try it.  Sometimes when you step out of your comfort zone you end up realizing that you are able to do things you never thought you could.  Come try Jam and find out!!”
– Robin S., Bedford MA

“I’ve loved Jam since the first time I took the class!   I hadn’t danced since high school, so when I found Jam, I was thrilled. It’s so much fun..the music, the moves, and Nancy is such a talented and motivating instructor. And as a workout, it’s great cardio and muscle conditioning. I actually saw more definition in my abs once I started Jam twice a week…no small feat after having 2 kids!  It’s one of my favorite workouts of all time. We sweat, we dance, we crank up the music,we Jam!!! It’s not just a workout, it’s a great escape!”
– Jennifer B., Bedford M